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About the Author
Elaine Ann Allen grew up on the Eastern Shore
of Maryland along with a large loving family
and many pets. She went to Washington
College in Maryland where she received a BA
in English Literature. She also has a Master's
degree in Marketing.
Olly the Oyster
After ten years of working in a career of
marketing and desktop publishing, Elaine
decided it was time to raise a family and focus
on her writing. Since then, she has published
several children's books, including
Olly the
Oyster Cleans the Bay, Olly's Treasure,
Mallory the Forgetful Duck.
All of her books
capture Elaine's love of animals and nature.
Follow her on her
author's blog.
About the Illustrator
Kelli Nash grew up on the banks of Rock Creek
in Pasadena, Maryland. Living on the water for
20 years, she grew to love nature and the
creatures of the wild. Since that time, Kelli
developed skills as an artist that would reflect
her memories of living on Rock Creek and the
Chesapeake Bay. She graduated Cum Laude
with a BFA in Graphic Design and Illustration
from American Intercontinental University in
Atlanta, Georgia.

In addition to the
Olly the Oyster series, Kelli
Nash has illustrated several children's books,
Mallory the Forgetful Duck, Gemma's
Got the Travel Bug,
and Grandfather's Secrets.
View Kelli's personal website at
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