Olly the Oyster Cleans the Bay
by Elaine Ann Allen, illustrations by Kelli Nash

Once there was a young oyster named Olly who lived
in the Chesapeake Bay. He loved to drift with the
currents, but Olly had been traveling his whole life and
wanted to settle down. He wanted to do something
important—help clean the Chesapeake Bay.

But what can a little oyster do? He doesn’t have
pincers or fingers or sharp teeth or legs and feet.

Journey under the Chesapeake Bay with Olly's little
minnow friend and find out how
Olly the Oyster Cleans
the Bay

Schiffer Books | Preschool to grade 3 | 32 pp | 7x10
"Charming, anthropomorphic illustrations enhance this simple and enjoyable story." Midwest Book Review

"Delight your preschooler with Elaine Ann Allen's rhythmic tale of Olly the Oyster, a determined little fellow
who wants to help the Chesapeake Bay."
Bay Weekly, Dotty Holcomb Doherty

"Author Elaine Ann Allen, a Marylander, gives young readers a unique glimpse into what goes on under
water. Think glass-bottom boat in the form of a book with a good message."
SpinSheet, Chesapeake Bay

"Creating relatable characters is one trick to captivating an audience. With four books chock-full of
personable organisms such as Olly the Oyster and Mallory the Forgetful Duck, Crofton author Elaine Allen
has accomplished this, bringing young boys and girls into her seafaring world."
Arundel Voice, Zach Sparks

"It's a great way to celebrate the Chesapeake Bay...and Earth Day!"
Green Team Gazette, Vicki

"Overall, Allen's Olly the Oyster Cleans the Bay provides a beautiful, environmentally-friendly tale which is
not only inspiring to children, but also a tool to assist students of all ages in learning about the
Chesapeake Bay."
Waterman's Gazette, Caitlin Codd
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