Mallory the Forgetful Duck
by Elaine Ann Allen, illustrations by Kelli Nash

Mallory is a very forgetful duck. She can't remember
where she left her nest. She sets out along the
Chesapeake Bay to find it, but soon stumbles upon a
nest that is
NOT her own.

Along her journey Mallory meets several mother birds,
including a Canada Goose, an Osprey, a Great Blue
Heron, and an Oystercatcher. Each of their nests is
made of different materials, has a distinctive clutch
of colorful eggs, and occupies a different habitat.

But will Mallory ever track down her own nest and her
own eggs? Follow Mallory the Forgetful Duck in her
quest to find her nest and find out why her own eggs
are more special than any others.

Schiffer Books | Preschool to grade 3 | 40 pp | 8.5 x11
"Creating relatable characters is one trick to captivating an audience. With four books chock-full of
personable organisms such as Olly the Oyster and Mallory the Forgetful Duck, Crofton author Elaine Allen
has accomplished this, bringing young boys and girls into her seafaring world."
Arundel Voice, Zach Sparks

"In this charming picture book, nature scenes are beautifully illustrated by Kelli Nash. Kids will enjoy
reading about Mallory’s confusion as she hops from nest to nest, searching for her own. And once she
does lay her eggs, they will discover that a mom’s love is the very best kind." Alice Berger,
Bergers Book

"Your child can anticipate and cheer Mallory on as she attempts to find her own nest of eggs. The book is
a wonderful catalyst for studying eggs and fowl." Richele McFarlin,

"After venturing away from it, Mallory forgets where she keeps her nest...Her journey back along the
Chesapeake shore is one run-in after another with coastal bird mothers."
The Horn Book Guide to
Children's and Young Adult Books

"Mallory the Forgetful Duck is an enchanting story that readers will fall in love with." Beach Bound Books,
Stacie Theis

"This book is a must have for any child's library and will be read for generations to come."
, Sandie Lee
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